Congregational Ministry

Administration – cares for the efficient and effective operation of the congregation’s administrative office and staff; establishes policies for administration and advises the staff in relation to the administration and clerical functions; and seeks ways to preserve the Pastor’s roles that are other than administrative or clerical.

Education – administers and maintains the schools and educational program and events of the congregation; recruits and provides for the training, support and recognition of teachers, leaders and helpers; arranges for catechetical and First Communion instruction through the Pastor.

Fellowship – provides opportunities for the congregation to gather for fun and fellowship; plans and executes social events and parties; organizes, supplies and oversees the church kitchen, monitors its use, and makes recommendations concerning its maintenance, program and equipment.

Finance – provides guidance to the Treasurer and Financial Secretary in accordance with standard practices in church financial management and their job descriptions; makes recommendations regarding the investments of the congregation as well as means for borrowing funds.

Mutual Ministry – provides support to the Pastor and the church staff in serving the congregation.

Outreach – shares the Good News of Jesus Christ by identifying and welcoming visitors; encouraging and fostering membership of unchurched persons; and providing for prospective members’ orientation, reception and deeper involvement.

Property – responsible for preventative maintenance and repair of the building and church grounds.

Service – engages the congregation and individual members in the exercise of their faith in specific acts of service to one another and the world; identifies areas of need among the membership and selective areas in the community; advocates participation in social ministry action projects sponsored by the Synod and the ELCA.

Support – records, manages, motivates, and supports the stewardship of the members, their gifts of money, time, energy and special abilities.

Worship – recommends the schedule and themes in response to the Pastor’s Worship Plan and the church year; ensures a quality worship experience by regularly evaluating the worship program with the aid of the congregation, and recommends appropriate changes.

Youth – oversees activities of youth groups of the congregation; responsible for recruiting, monitoring, and supporting leaders and advisors; provides for the maintenance of significant contact with post-high school youth and college students of the congregation, offering information, support and recognition.