Announcements for the Week of March 17, 2019.

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Southern Clinton County Lutheran Parish


+FROM REV. KARL RUNSER: You may contact the Pastor at the office (570) 748-7932, at home (570) 725-2155 or email

HELPING HANDS:Each month we will be asking for specific donations to be handed out during the Helping Hands sessions. For the month of Februarywe are asking for donations of baby diapers (size 5) and body wash. All donations can be dropped off at United during normal office hours, or contact Wendy Seyler (570) 502-0683. As always, thank you for assisting us in branching out on our own to help us service our community better.

LENTEN BIBLE STUDYwill be held every Thursday during Lent from March 14ththrough April 11thbeginning at 6:30 PM at United. Evening prayer will follow.

NITTANY VALLEYLenten Services will be held every Sunday in Lent from March 10ththrough April 7thbeginning at 7:00 PM at Lamar UMC.

SUGAR VALLEYLenten Services will be held every Wednesday beginning at 7:30 PM. Locations are as follows: 

March 20th– Trinity UMC, Greenburr

March 27th– Loganton Wesleyan

April 3rd– SV Church of the Brethren

April 10th– St. Paul’s, Loganton

SPAGHETTI DINNER:Camp Kids will hold a spaghetti & meatball dinner on Sun., March 24thfrom 10:30-2:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall at United. Dinner includes spaghetti, meatballs, salad, bread, drink and dessert. Price is $8 for adults, $4 for kids 3-11, and 3 and under are FREE!

+SPRING CLEANING YET?WELCA and Chat & Craft will hold their 11thAnnual Rummage Sale on April 5thand 6that United. We are asking you to bring in any of your used items in good condition to be sold. If you are unable to drop off your donations, please contact Kay Land (570) 748-5978 to make arrangements for pick-up. All proceeds will benefit the Women’s Center.


+SERVICES FORMarch will be held at St. Paul, Mill Hall beginning at 10:30 AM.

+A COLLECTIONwill be taken on the first Sunday of each month to benefit St. Paul’s Food Pantry.

+SAVE THE DATE – June 9th!  Hope you can make it! It’s a surprise especially for you! Fun, Food and Family! More clues to follow.


+SERVICES FORMarch will be held at St. Paul, Mill Hall beginning at 10:30 AM.

+PLEASE CHECK THESunday School Room for information before going to Sanctuary. 

+SAVE THE DATE – June 9th!  Hope you can make it! It’s a surprise especially for you! Fun, Food and Family! More clues to follow.

+COUNCILwill meet on Wed., March 20that 6 PM.



+SERVICES FORMarch will be held at St. John, Booneville beginning at 10:30 AM.




+SERVICESwill be held at 9:00 AM.

+ALL PRAYER CHAIN requests should be directed to Lena Welsh at (570) 748-3787.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:Altar Guild is looking for volunteers to assist in setting up and removing altar and communion items each week. Please contact Jean McKeague for more information if you are interested in volunteering.

COOL WHIP containers needed! Please drop off empty Cool Whip containers on the tables in the first floor hallway. We use these to transport our altar flowers each week.

ATLAR FLOWERopenings on Sun., May 19th, May 26th,June 3rd, July 21st, and July 28th.  If you would like to sponsor flowers on this date, please contact Michele in the office.

DONATIONS NEEDED:Helping Hands is making Easter Eggs this year. Donations of the following items would significantly help: Powdered sugar, Cream Cheese (blocks), Peanut Butter, and Sticks of Butter. As always, Helping Hands thanks you for your continued help and support.

DONATIONS NEEDED:Donations of paper products and flatware are needed replenish our supply that we use for Fellowship events and funeral luncheons. Please drop all donations off on the tables in the first floor hallway. 

EASTER LILIES:Orders for Easter lilies are now being taken. Each plant is $7.50. Envelopes are available on the tables in the narthex. The deadline to order is Sun., April 7th

LENTEN OFFERING:It has been a tradition to collect a special offering during Lent, to move us beyond thinking of ourselves toward thinking of others. Envelopes provided in the Narthex can be used for your donations. All monies collected will be split between Camp Kids and Prayer Shawl Ministry. The last day to submit your Lenten Offering is Palm Sunday, April 14th.

COUNCILwill meet on Tues., March 19that 6:30 PM. Council packets are available in your mailboxes.

THANK YOUto everyone who ordered sandwiches from WELCA. A total of $439 will be given to Camp Kids. Your support is greatly appreciated.

DONATIONS NEEDED:This year Chat & Craft will raffle off 6 baskets during the Rummage Sale: Children’s Easter basket, Spaghetti dinner basket, Movie basket, Breakfast basket, Wine basket, and a Chocolate Lovers basket. A list of items needed is available on the table in the first floor hallway.

THRIVENT MEMBERS:Grant funding from Thrivent Financial through its Choice Dollars Program will expire on March 31, 2019. Don’t let your Choice Dollars expire! Help support United by calling 1-800-847-4836 and say “Thrivent Choice” at the prompt, or go to Thrivent Financial website. All monies designated to United are direct deposited monthly.

ATTENDANCE:46 Adults, 1 child.

WEEK OF MARCH 17, 2019

Today:         Choir Rehearsal,8:00 AM United

Holy Communion,9:00 AM United  

                     ALWL Sandy Grier

Holy Communion,10:30 AM St. John, Booneville

                         Rev. Karl Runser 

Worship,10:30 AM St. Paul, Mill Hall

                                 ALWL Sandy Grier

                Youth Bible Study,4:30-6:30 PM United

                NV Lenten Service, 7:00 PM Lamar UMC

Tuesday:            United Council,6:30 PM  

Wednesday:            St. Paul, Mill Hall Council, 6:00 PM

                     SV Lenten Service, 7:30 PM Trinity UMC, Greenburr

Thursday:            Lenten Bible Study, 6:30 PMUnited

Next Sunday:            Choir Rehearsal,8:00 AM United

Holy Communion,9:00 AM United  

                     Rev. Karl Runser

                  Worship, 10:30 AM St. John, Booneville

                                 ALWL Ed Coup 

Holy Communion,10:30 AM St. Paul, Mill Hall  

                         Rev. Karl Runser

                Spaghetti Dinner, 10:30-2:00 PMUnited

                Lenten Service,7:00 PM Lamar UMC